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Ludovic PATISSIER, Study & Development Engineer, La Rochelle (France)

I began working for IRIUM in 2008 while I was working for an external service provider. Right after this mission I had the opportunity to join the group.

My job consists in insuring the maintenance of the IRIUM ™ software. Solving the potential anomalies, assessing the feasibility of the propositions made by our clients… are a part of my profession. 80% of my working time is dedicated to IT development.

Since the crafts of our clients are varied, I think it is essential to show open-mindedness and interest. I always attempt to understand how our clients work in order to best meet their requirements. Moreover, I think we must be able to adapt to this constantly evolving environment we work in, and we need to understand the specific features of our clients’ professions. In fact, the diversity of our clients or of the IRIUM team is something I really enjoy.


16 May 2014

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